An "albatross" of a rambling countrycastle.
Belgrave Castle is the main house in the "Endowed" series. 


Hello! Did you enjoy the   "Endowed" series or are you embarking on it? Maybe you're half way through?

In any case, you're here, and here is where I talk about the people and places that inspired the locations and characters of my book series, in other words, the "Endowed" world. 

"Endowed" is about a family, a "nearly royal" family who live in modern day Britain, and who deal with real (first world) problems as they struggle to find love and fulfilment in their lives.

As regards location, The towns and houses and gardens are nothing different to those you really do find when you travel across the country. 

But let's be specific. Here is more background on:

- Locations and Characters